VictoryBase is an incredible organization founded by Tom Paquin, a 3x successful founder with a proven track record and several exits.

As an F/A-18 pilot in the Marine Corps, Tom felt frustration with home ownership, while needing to move around the country to fulfill his roll in the Military.  He felt there was FOMO with his civilian neighbors, who didn't have to sell their houses in an instant- regardless of what the market was doing.  

Tom created VictoryBase.  VictoryBase owns single family home communities in great locations.  Tom provides the ability to purchase shares in VictoryBase to his residents, enabling them to create value without having to deal with the headaches of residential realestate & timing. 


The Problem

Tom and his team needed a way to provide a property management platform to their residents. This provided residents with the tools to manage their own maintenance tasks, user manuals, service tickets, payments, home services and share purchases through a mobile app.

The app is more than an app, meaning it serves as a way to enable real time communication for everything for changing your air filter to getting invited to a neighborhood Halloween party. 

The Solution

Umbraco was the perfect choice to build the website, mobile application and custom business application.  We chose umbraco due to it's ability to act as a back office and handle a number of tasks that we could leverage.  We also leveraged software like rent manager & to provide a full service property management application.

The VictoryBase progressive web application provides residents' the ability to manage and control almost all aspects of their home and community experience through their fingertips and the power of the VictoryBase technology.


Strategy, UI, UX & Umbraco Development, Managed Hosting. 

Client Relationship Tenure

3 Years

Service Offering

  • UX
  • UI
  • integration
  • Rent Manager integration
  • Umbraco Development
  • Progressive Web Application (PWA)
  • Managed Hosting

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