We began working with NJSFDA over 8 years ago after their development team failed their engagement.  What began as a rescue project has blossomed into a mutually beneficial partnership whereby we support the NJSFDA's website & other technology products.

We recently relaunched their main website (www.njsfda.org).  Our goal was to focus almost exclusively on member value.  After conducting qualitative research with several members, we determined that providing easy access to member tools was the most important variable and what would cause a member to use the site "alot" vs. "not at all".  The feedback was invaluable and we built a website focused exclusively on member value.


The Problem

Associations need to provide a stronger member value proposition as "members" tastes and "need" to belong to an association dwindles.  If a person doesn't feel they are getting the value they need, they just might not join again next year.  How do you isolate member value and ensure you are providing your members with the right tools at the right time?

The Solution

We did what any normal person would do after realizing your most educated guess is just an educated guess.  We spoke to actual members to understand what they get from the association and what they needed from the associations digital experience.

What began with a calculated research effort, blossomed into user journeys and decision pathways.  The authenticated/unauthenticated pathways were documented and detailed. We designed and executed on the development of the application. 





Rescue Project, Research, UX, UI Digital Strategy + Website Support, Funeral Matters Product, NJSFDA.org.  Monthly ongoing support.

Client Relationship Tenure

8 Years

Service Offering

  • Monthly Digital Strategy
  • Monthly Website Support
  • UX
  • UI
  • Marketing Automation
  • Social Advertising