Junior's Cheesecake

Without a doubt, the World's Most Fabulous Cheesecake. When Mad began working with Junior's, they had to stutter the sending of emails because the site would crash with too much traffic.

A classic rescue project, we were able to stabilize and improve the application, which was an incredibly complex custom Magento 1 Implementation.  As with any good success story, sales are up OVER 400% since we began working with them 3 years ago and we will be launching Junior's new M2 Website this year!

The Problem

Junior's needed to solve several challenges that were left unanswered by the previous 2 firms.  They needed to accomplish this while not impeding their growth or brand equity. While everyone jokes that these are great problems to have, they aren't when a single challenge can have a ripple with thousands of customers who in turn pick up the phone to call you.

The Solution

We reverse engineered and fixed the faulty code. We employed a AI generating scaling platform so that when they were surprised by some sort of news or event (They've been awarded best cheesecake in NY by the Today Show unannounced!), their website would autoscale additional servers to handle the load. After the surge, they would reduce in size and therefore save on costing. 


Rescue Project, Digital Strategy + Website Support, Hubspot Implementation, Birthday Club Development

Client Relationship Tenure

5 Years

Service Offering

  • Monthly Digital Strategy
  • Monthly Website Support
  • UX
  • UI
  • Marketing Automation
  • Social Advertising

Birthday Club

Mad introduced the idea of a birthday club and we've far surpassed our original projections and collected over 100,000 additional email addresses in a short period of time.

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